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Sunglow Boho is your one stop boutique for all the healthy and natural products such as our vegan and cruelty free skincare and luxury tea blends. The core value at Sunglow Boho is to promote healthier choices for its valued customers ,and also to utilize an ethical and environmentally friendly approach when it comes to its products, packaging and their sustainability. Of course, I didn't just wake up one day and decided to start something that many other great brands are already doing . There is always a story behind something that can be life changing. An event, a triggering experience , you name it! Well, here is my story...

In march 2020, when the whole world started to face a new reality, like many others I lost my job . After being in aviation industry for over 10 years, almost my entire career life, I really didn't see much hope in the future during those uncertain times. Thinking constantly that all the hard work I put into becoming a pilot was reaching a dead end put me in a very low vibrational state . While I was trying to deal with the new normal and figure out what I need to do with my life , in a cold dark night I tripped on black ice and injured my ankle as hard as I possibly could. The pain was excruciating. I screamed like banshee and as embarrassing as it sounds, I kept screaming, hoping someone may come to help . The next day I had a serious trouble walking, not only because of my injured ankle, but also because of nerve damage which was the byproduct of that fall. After months of waiting and getting treatments every now and then, I found myself desperate to just be able to walk for 5 minutes without pain. One day I decided that living with constant pain and getting painful and costly injections can not be an option anymore, so I started looking for alternative remedies. I tried number of things without any results. However, I was truly blessed to be led in a completely different path and got exposed to natural healing herbs . I did a little bit of research and found a few natural oils that I believed would help me with my ankle. I started using them and in less than two weeks I totally forgot the pain I had for almost a year. I was in shock and overwhelmed by the power of natural remedies that made me have a sigh of relief. Then I thought why these natural products are not widely known and used as millions can benefit from them. Dwelling on answers was not entertaining, so I decided to act, to educate and encourage others to take advantage of what mother nature has to offer. All I used was different herbs as tea, or their extracts as oil, and within two weeks my ankle healed, my mood and energy level  improved significantly .And here comes the sweet part, I started loosing all the weight that I gained on top of what I already had  due to lack of physical activity, naturally and easily. Loosing weight and maintaining it for women who have PCOS, including myself,  is usually an unreachable goal.  After adding natural hormone supplements to my daily routines , my weight got perfectly under control. Now I feel healthier than ever. That is why I decided to start my own business and help others to make healthier choices , and shortly after that, Sunglow Boho was born!

I started creating healthy tea blends and collaborated  with great herbalists and  formulators to create my own skincare line with natural and truly potent ingredients. And very soon, the gem of my products will be released. Remember my ankle? You can have what I used to heal my poor ankle which has already helped many others too. It will come as a cream and not oil, so you can easily take it wherever you go without worrying about leaking and spillage. 


More products, such as my mineral cosmetics will become available in the near future to create a better shopping experience for you, and this is exactly what I try to achieve. Whatever you choose to purchase, I will do my best to make it a joyful experience for you . So brows around here, and you might just find what you have been looking for ! Should you have any questions about any of the products, please feel free to contact us, and we will be delighted to answer your questions and assist you to make your purchase with confidence.  

         Love & Light